Lighting Remotes


  • Create the lighting level that is perfect for you at the touch of a button.
  • Switch connected lighting on/off and dim to the perfect lighting level for you at any one time, all from a discreet, handheld remote control.
  • Each button on the remote control can be programmed to control one area of lighting (for example one button to control the under cabinet lighting and another to control the plinth lighting). Alternatively, control multiple areas of lighting from a single button.
  • Memory function of the performance before last switched off.
  • One remote can control up to 8 receivers.
  • A receiver must be paired with the LED driver of each area of lighting to be controlled.
  • Radio Signal – Maximum range of controller is 20m.
SE40682 Lighting Remotes - Remote 2 Buttons Remote 2 Buttons £34.23
SE40684 Lighting Remotes - Remote 4 Buttons Remote 4 Buttons £82.19
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SE40682 Remote 2 Buttons Orange/Green
SE40684 Remote 4 Buttons Orange/Green