DuoFlex Flexible Strip Lighting


  • The DuoFlex brings real flexibility to the flexible strip light range. With only one flexible strip the LED colour can be set from warm white through the full spectrum to cool white.
  • Self-adhesive 3M backing allows for quick and simple installation.
  • Male and female ends on the strip allow you to create the length required.
  • The strip can be cut to length, scissor marks on the product mark where it is suitable to cut (every 165mm).
  • Operate using a remote control or inline switch. One remote control can be synced to up to 11 receivers.
  • A maximum length of 6m of the DuoFlex can be run from each receiver.
  • Ten brightness levels of the LEDs, dim or brighten by 10%.
  • Use this product for a variety of applications such as on the underside of the bed, around the headboard or above wardrobes to up-light.
SE10011D0 DuoFlex Flexible Strip Lighting - 1000mm 1000mm £39.70
SE10021D0 DuoFlex Flexible Strip Lighting - 2000mm 2000mm £74.25
SE10053D1 DuoFlex Flexible Strip Lighting - 2000mm 2000mm £123.47
SE10073D1 DuoFlex Flexible Strip Lighting - 2000mm 2000mm £158.14
Product Code: N/A Category:
Code LED Colour Length Driver Wattage Controller
SE10011D0 White 1000mm Green 3.75W
SE10021D0 White 2000mm Green 7.5W
SE10053D1 White 2000mm Included 7.5W Inline Switch
SE10073D1 White 2000mm Included 7.5W Remote & Receiver