Arc LED Glass Box Shelf


  • Fitting has an aluminium frame with panes of glass on both the top and bottom.
  • High output, cool white LED integrated strip.
  • Integrated On/Off switch, located on right hand side of the underside of the shelf.
  • LED driver built-in so no need to purchase and fit a separate driver.
  • 5kg maximum load.
  • Slim line design, depth of only 50mm.
07.1120.0610 Arc LED Glass Box Shelf - 450mm 450mm £78.70
07.1121.0610 Arc LED Glass Box Shelf - 600mm 600mm £82.54
07.1122.0610 Arc LED Glass Box Shelf - 900mm 900mm £104.54
Product Code: N/A Category:
Code LED Colour Length Finish Wattage Cable Length
07.1120.0610 Cool White 450mm Aluminium 5.8W 1.5W
07.1121.0610 Cool White 600mm Aluminium 8W 1.5W
07.1122.0610 Cool White 900mm Aluminium 12W 1.5W